Sew N Stitches Embroidery, LLC is local O'Fallon, Missouri woman owned business. Sew N Stitches founded in 2015 by its sole owner and founder Debra Sikes wanted to create a way to help businesses market and promote themselves with a professional image.

Sew N Stitches Embroidery, LLC  is a commercial apparel decorator. We love to work with local businesses, schools, clubs, churches, non-proft organizations, teams, and professional trades and medical offices.  We want to make you look good in your apparel. Not only can we provide logoed apparel, but we can also help with signage, and promotional products to help you cost effectively promote your professional image.  Sew N Stitches uses four processes to create images of logos. These are explained further in our section titled Processes used at Sew N Stitches Embroidery, LLC.

In order to do business with Sew N Stitches you can do the following:

1. Submit your logo or design to us via email or through our webstore so we can provide a quote estimate. Email is debrasikes@gmail.com

2. Please advise if we will be providing the merchandise to decorate.  If you bring your own garments to be decorated please understand we cannot guarantee results as materials and fabrics vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Machines on occasion break a needle and an item can get ruined.  That doesn't happen often but it can happen on ocassion. 

3. A quote will be provided to you which includes a one-time set up fee and the price to decorate the items. Once that is approved the next step is a proof.

4. Sew N Stitches will provide a proof which must include a signed design approval sheet and any change notes.  

5. After the proof is signed, the work can begin. Depending on current workflows which can fluctuate due to circumstances and times of the year lead times can vary although typically they are two to four weeks lead time.

6. Once the project is completed, Sew N Stitches will alert you that you can either pickup from our no touch pickup/drop box or you can pay for shipping to you whichever works best for you. 

*If you order through our webstore, the website will send alerts to your email that you used to sign in.  Two such notes you may receive are order is in production or completed and has been produced.  The other is that the item has shipped. "Shipped" is a default setting which I cannot override so if you chose pickup bin, the item will be in the bin by the end of that business day.  I will send you a personal email with specific directions once that occurs.

Sew N Stitches thanks you for doing business with us and hopes that you will send referrals to your friends, family and business associates. 


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